Datapine Software

data visualization SaaS

Datapine is a Berlin-based startup building a data visualization software. I joined the company in 2015 and worked as the sole designer for nearly 2 years. During that time I defined a design language and created a style guide for existing and new features, and worked closely with the product team to develop new features.


Datapine works with customers who have large amounts of data. The main objective of the software is to make that data easily accessible and understandable for anyone. I worked to design features that people who are not data scientists could understand and use.

I also worked towards unifying the existing design and created guidelines for moving forward. As is common in many small companies without a robust design team, the interface and user experience were not cohesive. As a fast growing company, many new features were being developed and needed to be designed.


One of my favorite things about this project was how much I learned through working as a solo designer in a small company. Although challenging at times, I loved being involved in every feature and the feeling of responsibility and ownership that brought. My love of design systems and styleguides was born here after seeing how much it can improve the process for design and development. I learned the importance of user research and data to understand users needs, and that sometimes you just have no idea if what you design will be clear to others.