Design Systems & Design Guides

guidelines and systems for consistency and efficiency

Lesara Design System

Lesara is an e-commerce company with the goal of making fashion affordable for everyone. While working as an in-house designer I created a design system for our mobile apps, based on Brad Frost’s Atomic Design concept, to make it easier for both the design team and the development team to keep things consistent.

I created a master file in Sketch and defined all elements (atoms), modules (molecules), and components (organisms). As a team, we used linked symbols to have these within easy reach while designing new screens.

To make the design system accessible to the development team, we shared the modules & components via Zeplin and defined the styleguide (colors, text styles, etc.) in our team wiki.

Datapine Design Guide

Datapine is a data visualization software. I joined the company as the sole designer, with the goal of modernizing and unifying the user interface. As part of this redesign, I created a styleguide, defining colors, typography styles, and components such as buttons and text fields.