Lesara Mobile App

native e-commerce apps for iOS and Android

Lesara is an e-commerce company focusing on affordable fashion for everyone. I joined the product team right as the mobile shopping apps were first being launched.


Since more users are shopping on mobile, the company wanted to create an easier platform for mobile shoppers to browse and purchase. I joined the team in the beginning phase of the project, when the MVP was already defined and the apps were about to be launched. As a team we worked on adding new features, improving user experience throughout the app, and getting feedback from users via interviews and user testing. Our goals were to increase retention and conversion rates.

Design Solutions (Android)


The home screen went through many iterations as the app developed. As the user's first view of the app, it needs to be engaging and easy to navigate while also meeting requirements from many different stakeholders. We experimented with how to highlight products and categories, banner sizes, and how to display the navigation and search bar.

Category Navigation

We reworked the category navigation tree several times. When I began in 2016 the categories were separated into tabs and the navigation tree was confusing. When we redesigned this screen, I cleaned up the tab UI and reworked the category tree to open and close without opening a new screen, so the user could understand where they were within the tree. In 2018 we redesigned this screen to fit into a new concept for the home page, which placed the category tree within a second tab on the home screen. Because we would have the home tabs on the top of the page, we could no longer separate categories by tabs. We came up with a solution to eliminate the first level category tabs by displaying all categories within one tree, changing the background image when a user opened each new category.

Product List

The product list was fun to work on because it encompasses many things: navigation, product listings, and filters. This screen was improved several times since it was launched. We redesigned the individual product modules several times and conducted A/B tests to understand which information and layout was the most compelling for users. We also improved the filters by adding more options, moving the placement of the sort & filter buttons, and redesigning the layout to be more flexible for all screen sizes. We added a sliding menu to display lower-level categories and encourage the user to “drill down” and find the products they are looking for.

Product Description Page

During user testing we found that users often went from one product page to another by clicking on a related or recommended product. A challenge on this page was displaying all information in a clean way. We had requirements from stakeholders to show certain elements “above the fold”, and we also set requirements ourselves based on which information is most relevant to the user.

Cart & Wishlist

Our goal for the wishlist and cart screens was for users to have a clear overview of the items and to easily see the next step. In cart, we included a sticky button on the bottom of the screen, allowing users to go right to the checkout process.


Checkout was a fun process to work on and one which we constantly improved. The checkout process is crucial and needs to be secure, fast and easy. We focused on how we could save and prefill information for returning users. Each country has it's own format for addresses, so we designed address forms for each country, including options like packstations pickup and address finders when possible. We also optimized the payment selection by country, preselecting the most commonly used method for each country.

User Account

This feature is one which grew the most over the year and a half that I worked at Lesara. After launching a very basic account screen, we added order tracking, help & FAQ, and vouchers. We also gave this feature a huge UI redesign.