Planty Mobile App

a personal project

Planty App is a personal project aimed at helping people keep track of when to water their houseplants.

The Problem

After buying way too many plants, a friend and I got overwhelmed by the complexity of caring for all of our new plant babies. The idea for Planty came out of our need for a scheduling app which could keep track of what kinds of plants we had, how often each one needed water and how much water they needed. The most important thing for us was a quick and easy onboarding, allowing us to quickly add all of our plants, and include extra information only when desired.


Competitor research

We looked into other apps to see if what we wanted already existed. We found apps with similar themes but none were exactly what we needed.


We decided on a name, color palette, and persona we wanted the app to have.

Defining features

We discussed how we imagined the app would be used, and defined the essential features.

  • An existing database of common house plants
  • The ability to add your own custom plant, and include as much or little information as desired
  • An interface to set reminders for each plant based on recommendations but completely customizable
  • Plant overview
  • Schedule overview


Based on the desired features, I created a sitemap outlining all needed screens

Sketching & Wireframes

I create wireframes for each screen on the sitemap, detailing which elements were needed on each screen.


Based on the wireframes, I starting creating our styleguide and designing the screens. I had fun seeing our colors and icons in action, and I worked on some cheerful illustrations to give the app more character.